Since its establishment in 2007 in Antalya (Turkey); within the scope of integrated pest management, FLORA Biologic Protection Systems IPM Ltd. conducts studies on the biotech, bio-insecticide products and methods.

FLORA Biological Protection Systems Ltd. produces card-type and roll-type sticky traps (yellow, blue, yellow-blue and black), delta-type traps (for monitoring and mass trapping of insects), insects pheromone, which are used in agriculture to observe and capture pests.

Since February 2010; registered yellow and blue sticky traps, which were included in the Plant Protection Products by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, is sold to farmers under patented brand name of HYPERLIFE.

The annual production of our company is:
– 15.500.000 pieces of yellow-blue sticky traps of size 10cm×25cm,
– 72.000 pieces of yellow-blue sticky traps (roll-type) of size 10cm×100m, 20cm×100m, 30cm×100m

In addition, we import pheromones that are used for fighting against Tomato Moth (Tuta Absoluta), Thrips SPP and other pests. We continue to expand our product range with a focus on product safety for human health and the environment.

Developing plant protection products, we take into account both physical and biological damage caused by pests. By consistently delivering high-quality products, we do not cease research activities and, as a result, we guarantee high efficiency of our products: sticky traps in the form of cards or rolls, delta-type traps, pheromone traps with inserts, pheromone traps of a different type.

The use of FLORA biological protection products allows to obtain high yields and high quality agricultural products. FLORA traps are safe for humans and nature and can significantly reduce the use of chemical remedies.