Delta Sticky Insert 19cm×20cm

▸ Size:
19cm × 20cm
▸ Color:
▸ Material:
▸ Target:
Pest/insects which pheromones effective on.
▸ Purpose:
Observing and monitoring harmful insects

Note: It is possible to manufacture inserts of the desired size upon request.


Sticky Inserts for multi season delta traps are a simple and practical solution for pest control. In agriculture, Sticky Inserts are used to monitor all harmful pests. Colorless sticky inserts have a strong trapping effect. They are resistant to harsh environment conditions, do not lose their stickiness for a long time, resistant to sunlight (resistant to UV radiation). Does not stick to hands and clothing during use, can be cut with household scissors.

Delta Sticky Inserts are cards with non-drying glue applied to their surface to which insect pests adhere. The glue used in their production is non-toxic and odorless.

It is possible to manufacture by individual sizes or in the desired color (yellow, blue) on request.