Yellow Sticky Trap Roll 10cm×100m

▸ Dimension:
10cm × 100m
▸ Color:
▸ Material:
Polyethylene (PE)
▸ Target:
The Whitefly, Aphid, Fruit Flies, Thrips and other pests.
▸ Purpose:
▸ Application:
Sticky traps (roll type) are attached to the structural elements (columns, pillars) of greenhouses and are placed parallel to the rows of cultivated plants. Traps should be placed slightly above the plants. In gardens tapes could be stretched between trees. Also tapes can be wrapped around a tree trunk to protect from insects rising from the ground.
▸ Recommended Quantity:
150 meters per 1000 m²


The yellow sticky trap roll is a 10cm width sticky plastic tape wound into a roll.

FLORA yellow sticky traps in rolls is a simple and practical solution for pest control. They are used mainly for mass-trapping of pests, have a strong catching effect and a large area of ​​adhesive surface. FLORA sticky traps (roll type) are not subject to environmental conditions, do not lose their stickiness for a long time, and are resistant to sunlight (resistant to UV radiation).

On livestock farms or in closed greenhouses, sticky traps (roll type) are located next to the ventilation sections to control insects appearing from the outside. On half-open farms or in gardens, adhesive tapes stretched between trees or columns.

The yellow color of the sticky trap reflects light at wavelength that attracts pests. Insects fly to the trap, stick and die. Especially White Flies well attracted by yellow.