Blue Sticky Trap Card 10cm×25cm

▸ Dimension:
10cm × 25cm
▸ Color:
▸ Material:
PVC or Paper
▸ Target:
White Fly, Thrips, Aphids
▸ Recommended Quantity:
150 pieces per 1000 m²

Note: It is possible to manufacture sticky cards of the desired size upon request.


The blue sticky trap is a 10cm×25cm card with a special entomological adhesive on both sides. Blue color is chosen specifically for Thrips, because differs in high selectivity in relation to it, but at the same time blue color almost does not attract useful bugs.

Immediately after seedling stage, blue sticky traps should be hung at a height of 20 cm above the ground in the amount of 150 pieces per 1000 m² (may vary depending on the situation and the amount of pests). With the growth of plants, the height of traps needs to be increased. FLORA sticky blue traps are a simple and practical solution for controlling pests. Used to monitor and mass-trapping insect pests.

Sticky blue traps with a double-sided sticky layer have a strong trapping effect. FLORA sticky traps are not subject to environmental conditions, do not lose their stickiness for a long time, they are resistant to sunlight (resistant to UV radiation). They do not stick to people hands and clothes during using.

Monitoring allows you to make timely decisions about the mass-trapping and determine the time and method in plant protection.

It is possible to manufacture according to individual sizes or in the desired color upon request.