Peach Fruit Fly Pheromone

FEROBACZO: Pheromone attractant for Peach Fruit Fly (Bactrocera zonata) for monitoring and mass trapping purposes.

Recommended traps:
Delta traps, Funnel traps
Recommended quantity:
For monitoring 1 piece per 1 hectare, for mass-trapping at least 2 pieces per hectare.
The action of pheromones lasts about 6 weeks, after this time the pheromones should be replaced with new ones.


Pheromone bait-dispenser for Peach Fruit Fly (Bactrocera Zonata) is used to identify, monitoring and mass trapping of this pest. Baits can be used in combination with Delta traps (reusable or disposable), Funnel Traps.

Pheromone baits for Peach Fruit Fly should be checked from time to time and reduce or increase the dose depending on the density of pests in the controlled area.