Scarab Beetle Pheromone

FEROEPHIR: is a kind of pheromones used to control and manage Scarab Beetle Pheromone (Tropinota Hirta).

Recommended traps:
Funnel traps with plastic pouch
Recommended quantity:
For monitoring 1 piece per 1 hectare, for trapping at least 2 pieces per 1 hectare, number of traps is subject to pest pressure and local control strategy.
Approximately 6 weeks after opening.


Pheromone bait-dispenser for Scarab Beetle Pheromone (Tropinota Hirta) is used to identify, monitoring and mass trapping of this pest. Baits can be used in combination with Funnel traps with plastic pouch.

Pheromone baits for Scarab Beetle Pheromone should be checked from time to time and reduce or increase the dose depending on the density of pests in the controlled area.