Light Trap

Light Trap is an effective trapping method for harmful insects in the area of making production in closed and darken places like mushroom farms. Light Trap is consist of three parts, a metal frame with the size of 33cm*40cm, a light bulb which is places at the middle of frame, and sticky plate which is places in frame. Adhesive plates are replaced, when all surface of it covered by insects.



The Light Trap should be hung in the center of the room so that the light emitted by the trap can be seen from all sides. On average, a single light trap is enough to accommodate 20m² area. From time to time it is worth checking the adhesive plates for the presence and quantity of cached pests, with sufficient clogging of the plate it should be replaced. The light trap is powered by two batteries, which provide 45-60 days of continuous operation of the trap.

The use of Light Traps is particularly effective in food warehouses and mushroom farms. The trap system consists of a battery compartment and a light bulb located on a metal plate. On the metal plate there is a sticky yellow trap. The trap is ready for use immediately after removing the protective film from the adhesive plate.