Pheromone Water Trap

Pheromone Water Trap FLORA IPM
᛫ Easy to use
᛫ Durable



The Pheromone Water Trap consists of a wide and deep plate and a capsule-cell in which the pheromone is placed. Such water traps are mainly used to control Tuta Absoluta tomato moth, potato moth and other agricultural pests.

Pheromone Water Trap is widely used in greenhouses, orchards, vineyards, agricultural land. The bottom of the trap – a deep plate – is filled with water. When using this trap it is very important to constantly monitor the presence of water. For faster trapping of pests, it is recommended to add a small amount of oil or detergent to the water.

The red color of the trap is attractive to pests living in the soil and on the trees.

In greenhouses, it is recommended to install 3-5 pieces of water pheromone traps, in the fields of 5-8 pieces.