Hyperlife Bark Beetles Trap

Bark Beetles cause great harm to both trunks and branches of trees, they prefer the following trees: apple, pear, cherry, plum, peach, apricot, quince, almond, hazelnut and chestnut.

These beetles damage both the bark and tree trunks, leaving labyrinths and holes. Bark beetle most often attack weak trees and cause the most severe damage to such trees.

The branches affected by bark beetle eventually dry out and break easily, even with light wind. The yield of the fruit tree falls and if there is no struggle, then the tree dies in 2-3 years.



As in the whole world, in Turkey Bark Beetle traps are used successfully. HYPERLIFE Bark Beetle trap consist of two parts:
TRAP BODY: Top part is, 20cm*25cm red polypropylene plate that covered with insect catching glue, and bottom part 1 liter plastic bottle that have holes.
ATTRACTANTS: A mixture of 96% ethyl alcohol and 1% toluene. Mixed the attractants with water with the ratio of 1/1. Then put 0,5 liter of mixture in a bottle. Traps should be
checked once a week, if attractant quantity is decreased, the decreasing amount of attractant is added.

USAGE AIM OF TRAP: After the outbreak of the temperature over 18 °C, traps are hanged for two basic purposes.
MONITORING: If garden is homogeneous, use 1 trap for 1 hectare; if garden is not homogeneous, use 1 trap for 1000 square meters. Traps are hung on tree branches at a height of 1-1.5 m from the ground and weekly checks are made. Use chemicals when you understand exact time.
MASS TRAPPING: For trapping HYPERLIFE Traps are hung in gardens at a distance of 15-20m at a height of 1-1,5m from the ground. A weekly control is performed and the required amount of attractant is added. Red glue plates filled with beetles are replaced by new ones.